Promotional Videos

A promotional video is like a sales tool in a shareable video.

Promotional videos consist of you, on camera, talking to your audience about your product or service. With promotional videos, your personality comes across in a way that other videos don’t have. Unlike an interview video, promotional videos also include many visuals of your company and its products or services. With promotional videos, you get to show the audience the face of the company.

Promoting Your Business

Promotional videos use visuals of your product or service to promote your business. They are scripted videos that have a highly polished look. They help bring your business into a positive light and they help customers buy from your business.

Short and Concise

Promotional videos are straight and to the point. These videos promote your company in less than three minutes, so as to more effectively maintain your viewers’ attention. Yet despite their short length, they are rich in content.

Continuous video series

Making a just 1 or 2 promotional videos won’t help you to increase your business. A continuous video series can increase brand loyalty and help customer to contact your business.

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