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DIY Classes

Smartphone Video
Planning and Production

Learn how to plan and produce your own marketing videos on your smartphone so that they look more professional. Learn the basics including what works best on camera, including how to say what you want to say, how to organize your thoughts, what to wear, inexpensive equipment you can buy to supplement your video production, basic lighting techniques using lights you already have, and more. Approximately 2 hours. This class is only offered virtually at this time.

Smartphone Video Editing

Editing is an essential tool when creating any professional looking video. Learn how to edit your video using an editing app on your smartphone. Learn how to cut, edit out scenes, trim scenes, add music, add voice overs, add photos, add texts such as phone numbers, and more. The app we will be using is available for both android and iphones, and can be used for the class for free though any exported files will have a watermark. (If you wish to purchase the app it is $39 a year or $4.99 a month). However, the skills you learn in this class are transferable to any editing app you wish to use on your smartphone. Approximately 2 hours. This class is only offered virtually at this time.

Advanced Video Editing

Do you want to learn how to edit more quickly, and use more features such as color correction, brightness/contrast correction, audio correction and more? Learn how to use professional video editing software to do more with your video footage. We will be using a free program called HitFilm express, that has add-on features you can buy. However, we can still do a lot without he add on features. What we learn in this class will be transferable to other programs such as Adobe Premiere Pro, and Final Cut Pro. Learn the very basics of how to use the system, as well as some simple editing tools that come with professional editing programs. Approximately 2 hours. This class is only offered virtually at this time.

Best Video Practices
for Social Media

This class will discuss the best practices you should use when creating a video to maximize the impact on social media. This includes things like the best length, what content to consider, what social network works best for what type of content, and etc. This course will also talk about how to test your videos on social media, to see which ones perform better so that you can learn to give your audience exactly what they want. Approximately 2 hours. This class is only offered virtually at this time.

Basic Social Media
Marketing for Video

If you are going to use your videos to the best of your ability, you need to have a basic understanding of social media marketing. With a basic understanding of social media marketing, your videos will gain more traction. Learn the best ways to post videos on your social media page to get the most engagement. Learn how to use content management systems to streamline your video posts. Finally, learn how to define your target market.

Finally, learn how you can use videos in advertising campaigns and how to define your target market as well as your customer demographics when using them. Approximately 2 hours.
Misc Topics

Misc topics are classes that are offered occasionally, on a rotating basis. They may include classes on lighting, doing good Facebook lives, advanced DSLR cameras, or other topics of interest.

Misc Class: Sample Class: Advanced DSLR Camera Class:
Learn how to use a professional DSLR camera to shoot video. Learn the different functions of the camera, the different settings, and why and when to use them. Learn what makes a DSLR camera a much better camera to use compared to a smartphone or other point and shoot camera. This class will be a hands-on class that will give you an opportunity to follow along and practice shooting a video. Approximately 2 hours.
If you aren’t ready to hire a professional videographer, or if you want a low budget option to have more professional videos, this is a great choice. The DIY Video class is a two part class that is held periodically. It covers how to plan your video, shoot your video and edit your video all on your smartphone. You will learn techniques to make your video look more professional and polished. At the end of the class, you will have one finished practice video that you can use. Although it is recommended to do both parts of the class consecutively, they may be taken out of order or only one at a time. Part 1 of the class will last 2-3 hours, while part 3 of the class will last 3- 3.5 hours.

VIP tickets (available for part 2 only):

Includes the use of better equipment including a standing tripod and an external microphone, as well as 60-day access to video of the class on the Sab Creative website.

What is covered:

Part 1 (2-3 hours):

Plan your in-class video with a hands-on exercise
Learn techniques to shoot more professional video

Part 2 (3-3.5 hours):

Shoot the in-class video using techniques learned in the last class
Learn how to edit your video using a smartphone app
Learn how to share your video on social media


Smartphone (iOs or Android)
Any video clips or photos you may want to include in your practice video