If you aren’t ready to hire a professional videographer, or if you want a low budget option to have more professional videos, this is a great choice. The DIY Video class is a two part class that is held periodically. It covers how to plan your video, shoot your video and edit your video all on your smartphone. You will learn techniques to make your video look more professional and polished. At the end of the class, you will have one finished practice video that you can use. Although it is recommended to do both parts of the class consecutively, they may be taken out of order or only one at a time. Part 1 of the class will last 2-3 hours, while part 3 of the class will last 3- 3.5 hours.

VIP tickets (available for part 2 only):

Includes the use of better equipment including a standing tripod and an external microphone, as well as 60-day access to video of the class on the Sab Creative website.

What is covered:

Part 1 (2-3 hours):

Plan your in-class video with a hands-on exercise
Learn techniques to shoot more professional video

Part 2 (3-3.5 hours):

Shoot the in-class video using techniques learned in the last class
Learn how to edit your video using a smartphone app
Learn how to share your video on social media


Smartphone (iOs or Android)
Any video clips or photos you may want to include in your practice video